Your WOF Checklist

Since a Warrant of Fitness (WOF) is compulsory for each and every light vehicle in New Zealand, most motorists are aware of this requirement. Typically, with this test, all the vehicles weighing over 3,500 kilograms must be inspected for safety and roadworthiness. The WOF test is carried out on certain frequency depending on the age of the vehicle. While older vehicles must undergo this test after every six months, all other vehicles undergo this test annually after three years of their first registration. The WOF test does not apply to passenger service vehicles such as taxis and buses and rental vehicles. If you are a owner of one of these vehicles, just note that they should have Certificate of Fitness. With this test, unlike the WOF, all vehicles must be inspected every six months regardless of the age of the vehicle.

If you live in Manukau, you can get a Warrant of Fitness inspection for your sedan, hatchback, family van or even your station wagon. Many businesses in Manukau provide a through inspection of your vehicle ensuring that it is road worthy. A WOF in Manukau is undertaken by professionals who are registered as WOF Manukau inspectors. If you are looking for a reliable Warrant of Fitness centre in Manukau, there are particular details that you should check to ensure you are using a professional. Below is a checklist of the things you should pay attention to while your vehicle is being inspected to ensure that this test is done correctly:

· Your vehicle’s exhaust should be perfect meaning it doesn't produce neither noise nor smoke. I.e. no leakage is permitted.

· The general condition of all components of your vehicle. Rust and naked wires aren't acceptable.

· Brake Soundness

· The tyre tread should not be less than 1.5 millimeters deep

· Check the alignment of your wheels, steering and the suspension status

· Responsiveness of all the dashboard systems including speedometer

· The airbags are functional

· The entire lighting system should be 100% functional

· Glazing system including windscreen and side mirrors should be perfect

· The fuel system should be working properly

· Safety belts must be in proper condition

· All the doors should close and open efficiently

When choosing a center for Warrant of Fitness Manukau, try to find a one-stop centre where your vehicle will be thoroughly inspected and any faults can be repaired quickly.